Welcome to Wiggins’ Words


Brent Wiggins edits on-demand and writes personalized poetry for people all on his Smith-Corona typewriters, the 1956 Skyriter and the 1975 Galaxie Twelve XII.

Brent attends events, local and far, big and small, taking your requests and inking your thoughts, fresh off the press.

The clatter of the typewriter is the perfect invitation for creation and conversation, no matter the occasion. In this fast-moving, digital-downloading, self-gratifying society, it can be hard to see what is artificial and what is authentic.

With the typewriter, you slow down, log off, and tap in with the only notification bell you need at the end of the carriage. A bond is made: the machine services the man as the man services the machine.

Wiggins’ Words looks to share that relationship, this time with your words.


1956 Smith-Corona Skyriter




1975 Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve XII


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