Meet Brent

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Brent Wiggins is an author who got his glasses reading in the dark. He grew up and lives in Lake Mary, Florida and is a University of Central Florida English alum. He was editor for Aquifer, supplement to The Florida Review, staff writer for The Black Sheep and The Odyssey, and has been an educator for over ten years. Brent’s first publications were in ETCetera, a magazine for typewriter collectors, and UCF’s literary and visual arts magazine, The Cypress Dome. His small business, Wiggins’ Words, began in 2018 with a love of language and continues to help people find the right words to say.

Brent writes science fiction, speculative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. When he is not driving with his poetic license, Brent enjoys long podcasts, classic cinema, handicraft, breakfast for dinner, and deep dives into the subconscious theatre of his mind.

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