Exclusivity by Assia Lau’ren | Book Review

Author: Assia Lau’ren

Publisher: Self-Published

Published: January 2023

Genre: Prose Poetry

Pages: 133


Former U.S. Army Veteran, actor, and poet Assia Lau’ren has written her second poetry collection Exclusivity on the concept of boundaries. Her prose poetry dissents with a progressively perverse reflection and declaration on the use and abuse of these transgressive and liminal states. Love transposes her poems and, in all its definitions, serves as a means for diverse, equitable, and inclusive discourse. Lau’ren places the subconscious follies and fallacies of people on a conscience plane of discernment.

She faces the dissonance of her own beliefs and problems with those of societal expectations and limitations. The challenge she poses does encroach thoughtfully albeit into a diatribe at times, but it is done out of a genuine need for reformation and stability. Her self-talk or stream of consciousness questions the status quo of relationships, politics, and individuality through prescient post-modern self-awareness. Exclusivity is an aperture and exposure, capturing the half-truths, setting them on the path towards truth, and reconciling the false truths that separate and condemn with understanding’s light and darkness.

Final Rating:

Red/Blue Pill


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